Wildlife Crossing Design Competition

This past September, the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University and the Woodcock Foundation in New York City initiated the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition.  Design teams comprised of ecologists, engineers and landscape architects worked together to address the numerous design challenges involved in creating viable wildlife crossings in North America.  The goal of the contest is to find a way to make the roads safer for motorists and at the same time to link fragmented habitat for wildlife.  They were asked to design an overpass for Interstate 70 near Vail, Colorado.  With its many challenges of steep rocky landscape, heavy snows, and a 6 lane highway (and additional bike lanes), the site provides a framework from which the design can be modified for other areas.

5 finalists  have been selected in the global contest (the winner will be announced in January):

Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal.

To learn more about road ecology and other transportation issues, visit the Western Transportation Institute.

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