What makes a City Park Excellent?

Creating parks is one of the many joys we get to experience as landscape architects – we are tasked with creating a space for everyone to enjoy.  In researching for some park design efforts here in North Carolina, I heard about the folks at the Center for City Park Excellence.  Led by Peter Harnik and supported directly by the Trust for Public Land, the center works towards the innovative creation and renewal of city parks in an effort to contribute to the economic and ecological health of cities.  The center conducts an annual survey of parks in the 77 largest cities in the U.S., hosts the City Parks Blog, and reports on a wide range of park issues related to city planning, transportation, and financing.   The people behind the Center for City Park Excellence seem dedicated to sharing ideas and making well-thought out park creation a reality.  I think this is an inspiring effort to organize, educate, and lead others towards excellence in the creation of city parks.  I have only scratched the surface of their website, but it does appear to have some good links, downloads, and resources.

Check out their website and see for yourself:  Center for City Park Excellence

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