Urban Fruit

seville, spainThis past fall, I was driving on the highway and noticed a pick-up truck pulled off onto the shoulder and a man near the vegetated edge reaching out as if to grab something overhead. Like any good rubber-necker, I slowed down and took a couple of seconds to look at what he was doing. To my surprise, he had a bucket full of berries and was working on his second one! Seeing this immediately brought good memories to mind of bike-riding around my childhood neighborhood, passing the random mango tree and picking a few mangoes to eat later in the day. But it also made me wonder why there aren’t more fruiting trees and shrubs within cities that people could easily harvest…or, maybe, there are lots of fruiting trees around and I’m just unaware of it.

Although there are quite a few naysayers on the idea of fruit trees in cities – some with valid points – I think it is worth considering in some areas.  Below are links to several organizations who are working towards the successful integration of fruit trees in urban settings. Could this work in your city?

Fallen Fruit

Portland Fruit

City Fruit

The London Orchard Project



  1. Our elementary school bus driver used to pull over and let us grab crab apples off some lady’s tree on our route. We thought it was awesome. And in Seville, Spain, they grow orange trees all over city streets (the tart kind used for marmalade). Would love to see more of it.

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