The future of parks?

I have worked on many parks throughout the country, but I had never heard of an underground park…until whisperings of  Delancey Underground reached my ears. One of the many issues that co-founders James Ramsey (of Raad Studio) and Dan Barasch (of Low Line) face is that of sunlight.  How are they going to get their park to grow? At present, they plan to utilize a combination of solar panels and fiber optics to channel sunlight below ground.

For details: read the full article here.


In the New York Observer

As more and more people move back to cities, public open space will be increasingly sought after.  If New York can continue to find creative ways to create park space (such as The High Line), then ideas like this might actually get off the ground. Who knows, maybe one day in the future underground parks will be commonplace.




  1. This sounds interesting, but what about a string of cloudy days? Can solar energy be stored?

    Who would pay for this?

  2. Thanks for this post – the project is a very creative approach to utilization of abandon space. My mind was opened to the “landscape” possibilities for underground space – an idea I had not considered before.

  3. Very cool, Kyle. It’s almost like discovering a new frontier. Thanks

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