Spit it Out: What is Landscape Architecture?

How many times have you had to explain that you are not “a gardener” and that a Landscape Architect is responsible for more than just the placement of plant materials in a landscape?  Does it upset you that no one seems to know exactly what you do?  Fear not, those days of career obscurity are numbered.  Today the ASLA is holding a public awareness campaign for Landscape Architecture.  Landscape Architects across the country are stepping out from behind their drafting tables to engage the public and promote our invaluable role in the creation of the places they encounter.

So in the spirit of this campaign, I am asking you to sum it up, in 6 words and only 6 words:

What is Landscape Architecture?


Watch this short video for more on the ASLA’s Public Awareness Campaign.

Download your own campaign materials and hit the streets!


  1. Sidenote: On Sesame Street the other day they were visiting a summer camp for kids that was part of a working farm. Cleaning out horse stalls and riding tractors and all. The announcer asked a worker what profession these kids could end up choosing. He said, “Oh a veterinarian or a farmer or a landscape architect….” Then they cut to some guy milking a cow. I thought it was pretty funny.

  2. from the perspective of a typical citizen who enjoys time outdoors, i would say that a good landscape
    architect helps me notice and enjoy the beauty that i might otherwise miss.

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