Spit it out: in 6 words.

Inspired by the work of Smith Magazine and their project: 6 Word Memoirs, we will be undertaking our own concise explorations of the world of Landscape Architecture and the inner workings of its practitioners.

Each month, I will post a question that must be answered using 6 words. No more. No less. The questions will be related to design, landscape architecture, work, and life. You will be inspired. You will be titillated. Your brain muscles will be  s t r e t c h e d  as you distill all of the many responses that pop into your head into 6 succinct, meaningful words.

Think outside the box. Good luck.

What do you do for a living?



  1. H E A V Y M E T A L R E S O L V E. A T T E N T I O N T O D E T A I L.

  2. I was informed its 6 words, not maximum 6:

    describe ideas for cool future places

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