Small Town Beauty

Sometimes it really does take a village.

In these economic times, we are all feeling pinched for money, and municipalities are no different. This summer the Town of Carbondale, faced with budgetary issues, decided that it could not continue with it’s summer flower pot program. The annual plantings enliven our downtown, particularly along Main Street, but monies for that program are clearly discretionary. Undaunted, the Downtown Preservation Authority initiated a program where business or individuals could reserve a pot and take on the responsibility for purchasing the plant material and planting the pot; the Town agreed that it would continue watering the pots. As with any new program, it’s never certain how the idea will be received, but so many supported the program that there were more subscribers than pots available so the pots were allotted on a first come first serve basis. The program was so successful that it will likely become permanent, even as the economy improves.

Luckily, we had our name in early. Our office cared for a pot on the corner near our front door. We chose less traditional plants for our pot including: rosemary, nasturtium, quinoa, and millet grass.  We also added beautiful blue glass mulch to cover the soil; it’s hard to see the mulch now that the plants have grown in but from the right angle you can still see the mulch glisten in the sunlight.

Recently, the Downtown Preservation Association held a judging contest and we ended up winning first place in one of the categories. Contributing to our community and watching the plants grow and flourish was prize enough, but we will all enjoy our free lunch at the bakery across the street.

Next year I am hoping that we are assigned the pot across the street so that I can see it from my desk window.


  1. The pot is beautiful…..this lovely system is the way things used to be….we do more,
    government does less.

  2. Lemonade out of lemons, fantastic. Once the economy improves and the Town has money for yearly flowers, will they continue the adopt a pot program? I hope so.

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