Small Town Beauty 2

Summer is here and once again we have adopted the planting and care of a Main Street flower pot. I had hoped for the pot right outside my office window, but in the end we decided to stay with the same pot that we had last year as it gets more sun. We decided to pursue the edible theme this year so our pot is filled with a Hops vine, nasturtiums, broccoli, cabbage, marigolds and mint. The beginning of summer was cool, but the heat is finally settling in and we’re having fun watching the plants take off. I’m waiting for that first bit of broccoli as I’m taking a head home for dinner when it’s ready!


  1. Wow – that’s beautiful. I have a backyard that needs adopting if you feel up for the challenge.

  2. Just lovely – I wish my pots looked as good. The idea of adopting a street flower pot and caring for it is a great idea and very cohesive for the shops in the area – What a neat management tool for the city.

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