Random Acts of Gardening

RandomActsofGardeningWhile on my lunch last week I noticed a garden emerging from what was once a vacant lot. Surrounded by pavement and a large blank building I found corn and amaranth and sunflowers stretching towards the sky. Then minutes later I spotted this makeshift alley garden tucked between a gas meter and a dumpster!!! It made me smile as I walked past to think that someone in our town is creating a secret food corridor! “Guerrilla Gardening”… it’s not just for big cities anymore!

“Guerrilla Gardening” is a term often used to describe the unauthorized cultivation of plants or crops on vacant public or private land. For some practitioners, guerrilla gardening is a political statement about land rights or reform; for others, it is primarily an opportunity to grow food or beautify and improve neglected, barren or overgrown spaces. Guerrilla gardening can be conducted either via secretive night missions or openly in an attempt to engage others in the idea of community improvement. Regardless of which approach one takes, guerilla gardening is technically illegal but all the while it’s a growing phenomenon.

Here’s a great article and Ted Talk on the subject.

What are your thoughts on guerrilla gardening? Have you spotted random acts of gardening in your community?


  1. Very interesting post, Shara! If somebody wanted to make a statement by guerilla gardening in my yard, I’d be willing to look the other way.

  2. Alyssum seeds sprinkled in sidewalk/driveway cracks are amazingly hardy and quite lovely. Fun!

  3. I live in a relatively new development that lacks the character of older neighborhoods and ever since moving in, I have been spreading plants about in the common areas…strawberry plants tucked into the central planters, hollyhock seeds sprinkled in the cobble, beans along the fence. I love that I am not the only “rebel” that gets a kick out of this independent beautification!

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