Pocket Parks

2275143935_2436da9072_bI ran across this article on Pocket Parks and it had me thinking, we really need more of these! We have a couple here in Denver, but not enough. Most are not as intimate or extravagant as the parks in the article, but places like this are perfect for taking a little break from your day… meditate, read a book, study, draw, anything really. I wonder what incentives could drive local business or municipalities to create more of these spaces. Would this type of park ever be successful in a more suburban neighborhood? It seems all those types of pocket parks are small playgrounds, or small open air gardens. I would love to have something like Paley Park in NY, in Denver, with high walls covered in green and a lovely waterfall, but who would pay for it and maintain it? I wonder if the trend of community gardens could ever adapt to something like this. What are others thoughts?


  1. Paley Park was built about 1965 – providing joy for almost 50 years!

  2. I agree and feel where we can really make an impact with pocket parks is in our new developments.
    We could make the main park a little smaller and then distrubute several little pocket parks throughout
    the community.

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