Play Me, I’m Yours

Since 2008, artist Luke Jerram has installed his artwork, Play Me I’m Yours, in countries throughout the world.  It has most recently appeared in New York City.  Over 60 pianos can be found throughout the city on streets and ferries, in parks, and near bus stops.  They can be played by anyone between 9am and 10pm until July 5th.  The artwork is being simultaneously shown in London. View the Live webcam on the Millenium Bridge at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

View a newscast on the New York that really captures some of the magic that can come of artwork that engages the public in new and unexpected ways.


  1. How enjoyable…..what a wonderful idea! There sure are a lot of amazing people in this
    world who share their talents…which goes to Bailey’s blog about that very thing.

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