Plastic Island

I was reading an email from World Architecture News and this caught my eye:

WHIM takes the plunge, revealing design for floating island of recycled plastic in Pacific: Plans have been revealed for a new island in the North Pacific Gyre which could accommodate up to half a million people. Netherlands-based firm WHIM Architecture….”

I was intrigued.  First, I wanted to find out how much plastic waste truly is floating in the Pacific…and secondly, how in the heck do you propose to turn that into an island?  According to their website (, the largest concentration of plastic has a footprint the size of France and Spain together.  That is an impressive (and scary) thought.  Their goal is to research the possibility of creating a floating island the size of Hawaii out of recycled plastics.  Hairbrain idea or realistic future world?  I don’t know for sure, but pretty interesting reading at least.  Read the full editorial from World Architecture News here. Or visit Whim Architecture.

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