Plant Select


I believe when we all go do a new planting plan, we tend to stick with our old favorites and bomb-proof standbys.  I found that choosing plants for this harsh environment leads us back to the same few plants that we think will do well and we are hesitant to try new plants out of fear of them failing in the field.

“Every year, Plant Select® chooses new and underutilized plants to promote to regional gardeners and landscape professionals. New plants are evaluated on their ability to thrive in a broad range of garden situations in the Rocky Mountain region, their resilience to the region’s challenging climate, uniqueness, disease and insect resistance, ability to flourish in low water conditions, long season of beauty in the garden, and noninvasiveness.”

Plant Select® is a part of a joint program between Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens and area growers and retailers.

Take a look at the 2011 picks and prior year’s winners and maybe you will be inspired to use a few new and exciting plants in your next planting plan.


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