Nature Time Lapse

In today’s fast paced world, we often do not have enough time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature and all its interlaced parts and pieces. Lately, I have come across a handful of time-lapse videos by a variety of photographers which capture this beauty, complexity and complete awesomeness. These definitely aren’t going to replace the value of experiencing the real thing, but cool nonetheless. Enjoy!







  1. Beautiful and fascinating Nathan. No landscape improvements needed here.

  2. Wow, these are so cool! It would be really interesting to take some time-lapse photography of our projects…transitioning through the seasons, or as a way to show use patterns by visitors. I wonder if you can just do this with a regular digital camera and a tripod?

  3. Bailey – The team that redesigned Union Square Park in SF set up a time-lapse camera to study the use patterns etc to inform their design decisions etc. I think they also let the cameras roll through construction as well. DHM could totally do it, and why not with all the advances in technology!

  4. Really like video 2 with the plants. We are working with a public artist on a park here and she is exploring the use of plants sprouting from the ground as part of the art. This is perfect to see.

  5. Really cool videos! I think this would be a really neat way to show seasonality of our projects. Reminds me of the Chasing Ice videos.

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