More ways to get around…

At the beginning of June this year, Denver added to its multi-modal options with Car2Go.  In cooperation with Denver Public Works, Car2Go has added 300 cars to the Denver metropolitan area.

Car2Go has set itself apart in the car sharing world with what is called Point-to-Point car sharing. With Point-to-point sharing, the user pays by the minute and can leave the car in any authorized spot within a designated “home area”.  This service is different from the more traditional Round Trip service offered by Occasional Car, eGo, and CarShare where the customer pays by the hour and is required to return the car to the spot they took it from originally.

Car2Go now offers service in 19 cities worldwide.

Go online and sign up, they are offering incentives every month which reduce the initial $35.00 registration fee.  Car2Go costs 38 cents per minute and everything is included.  Gas, insurance and parking.

Whether you are heading to a meeting or just going out for dinner, it’s a kick to drive the little Smart car!


  1. Thanks for posting this Rus, I was wondering what all those Car2Go’s were about. What a great idea for city commuting.

  2. I have been seeing more and more of these! It is a great idea for people that need something for short trips when they normally use the lightrail or bus.

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