Meeker’s Magic Keeps Pesky Geese At Bay

I was listening to CBC public radio on my way to work last week and they were talking about Meeker’s Magic Mix.  It is a compost/soil amendment product that combines left-over fish parts and pieces with sawdust.  It is produced by Mike Meeker who owns a Trout Farm on an island in Canada.  You can go to Meeker’s Magic Mix to get more information.  The point of the CBC story was that the Mix, while being great for your crops had an unintentional side benefit.  It apparently keeps animals away, specifically Canada Geese, which reek havoc on crops as well as public places.  The Parks Department in Ottawa is starting to use it for just that reason.  They are not sure why it works, it just does.   You can listen to the full story by going to CBC and scrolling down through the list to “Goose Repellant”.

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  1. I’m thrilled to know about this for next summer…..great article!

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