Let the Kids Decide

From the humble beginnings of a swing and a sand box, playgrounds have evolved into full-blown destinations with intricate themes, colorful structures and summertime splash pads.  However, research has shown that a playground, regardless of its extravagance,  is successful only if it facilitates unstructured and imaginative play.  A project in New York City by David Rockwell illustrates the idea perfectly.

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Watch the Imagination Playground Video

The only things missing in this experiment are the mud and grass stains!


  1. same reason kids prefer to play in the box rather than with the gift

  2. Thirty years ago already, school teachers were frustrated because so many children had lost the knack for creativity and imagination. Constantly presented with games and extra programs of one kind or another to keep them busy and active, they didn’t have much of a chance to “investigate” and be challenged in a normal way. It has taken a while, but the realization has hit home and the pendulum is going back the other way. I hope this type of park takes hold.

  3. this is a great article! One of my kids will be going into kindergarten this year and this is exactly how she and her sister like to play. They usually get dressed up in outfits and invent worlds around them through dancing and interaction with each other. I love the news network video with the news anchor creating a news room with the loose parts.

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