Kizuna: East Meets West

The Denver Botanic Gardens has introduced their visitors to some really impressive international exhibits over the years…The Henry Moore Sculpture Exhibit, the Art of Allan Houser, and most recently, this past summer’s exhibit: “Kiznua:  East Meets West”.    Kizuna means “the bonds between people in Japanese”.  The exhibit was collaboration by internationally-known artists Tetsunori Kawana and Stephen Talasnik. The two artists and their team created the site specific sculptures on site with live bamboo.

As I arrived at the entrance of the garden, the first thing I noticed was that the bamboo had changed, with the seasons, from a vibrant green from when the exhibit was first installed in the spring to a wonderful amber and gold for fall.  The forms fit so elegantly throughout the garden – in the ornamental grasses and water features. Rhythmic waves of bamboo mimiced the flowing geometric lines of the conservatory in the background. Floating works of art in the Monet Pool and Gates Montane Pond were my favorite.  Luckily it was somewhat breezy so watching as the sculptures swirl and move through the water was an amazing site.

The work was breathtaking and I look back on my photos in admiration of the ephemeral creations of Tetsunori and Stephen.  See them here:

[nggallery id=90]

Just because there is a foot of fresh snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t still visit the Gardens! Take a tour to view the intricate winter forms of the gardens during the daylight hours or visit  in the evening (5:30-9:30) and take in the Blossoms of Light display!


  1. I bet these would take on a whole new meaning with snow and icicles dripping off of them. If anybody gets a chance to go during the holidays please post some pictures.

  2. Wonderful! Taking relatives from out of town to see the lights, i’ll take pictures when I go.

  3. Cool, they have a really living quality to them, like they move around at night.

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