I am thankful for eTown.

In the days before thanksgiving, my thoughts return to the question that parents and teachers asked in our grade school days (as we labored dutifully over our traced-hand turkeys):  What are you thankful for?  SO much, I can’t even begin to make the list… truly. But at this very instant, I am most thankful for eTown.  I am listening to their latest show from 11/16/2011.  CAKE and Eliza Gilkyson are playing, which is lovely enough, but what has really captured my attention this afternoon is the recipient of their E-Chievement Award.  The champions of the Celebrate Elwha! project:

Brian Winter (a fisheries biologist and Elwha Project Manager), Norm Dicks (Washington Senator), and Jon Jarvis (Director of the National Park Service)

For several decades individuals, communities, and organizations have been working towards the removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams in order to restore a free-flowing river.  Last month, the National Park Service began the three-year process of dam removal.

“The largest dam removal project in U.S. history will reopen more than 70 miles of pristine spawning and rearing habitat in the Elwha River and its tributaries. Salmon populations are predicted to swell from 3,000 to nearly 400,000 as all five species of Pacific salmon return to one of the Pacific Northwest’s most productive salmon streams.

The Elwha is the largest watershed in Olympic National Park, and the return of salmon to this ecosystem will return marine-derived nutrients to the watershed, restoring a vital food source for the range of life that inhabits it.” -N.P.S.

Thanks to eTown and it’s recognition of individuals and organizations who work to make a difference in their communities, I am filled with hope and am inspired to keep working for positive change in my own corner of the world.

Read more about the Elwha Dam Removal at the National Park Service website.

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