How simple it can be.

For some time now, our office has wanted to add some life to our front window which faces on to the Town Main Street. We have been talking about it for most of the winter. And then this week on Monday morning ten sixteen ounce tin tomato cans appeared on the window sill, each filled with soil and a delicate apricot colored viola. It made my heart sing when I first saw them as I walked from the kitchen upstairs to my desk. It was just a small simple gesture to the unfolding spring and yet it gave me such pleasure throughout the week. It changed the way I felt in the office, brightening my spirit. It was equally gratifying to watch people walking by on the street, stopping to admire the plantings; I witnessed their approval and appreciation from our work space and it reminded me that in the busyness of our lives and our work, sometimes small things really do make a difference.


  1. How lovely….gestures such as this that demonstrate thoughtful goodness have such a
    far reaching positive impact. It certainly made my day~

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