Health Benefits of Nature

IMG_6515_reducedThis is a fabulous new guide that was released by the ASLA creating a central location for the growing body of evidence that proves our work as landscape architects matters. So often in a project, the landscape is looked at as an afterthought. When projects are over budget, clients and contractors look at the landscape as a place for “easy” cost savings. But in fact, the landscape offers more than simply a “pretty” addition to a project. The more conversant that we can become as landscape architects in the research, the more we can educate our clients on the reasons that our work is important and integral to the betterment of our communities. Kids with autism need less medication when they have access to open green spaces. Students with views to nature perform better on standardized tests. And the list goes on.


  1. There’s valuable information available from shifting the way we look at development to through the lens of public health. We landscape architects are beating the same drum as the public/community health officials.

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