Grey to Green Infrastructure

In April 2012, a joint report by American Rivers, The Water Environment Federation, The American Society of Landscape Architects and ECONorthwest was released titled:

Banking on Green: A Look at How Green Infrastructure Can Save Municipalities Money and Provide Economic Benefits Community-wide.

The report offers compelling data for incorporating green infrastructure strategies to mitigate stormwater, with economic and environmental benefits, as well as benefits to public safety, health and wellness.

It succeeds in summarizing the benefits of several individual strategies including green roofs, bioretention / bioinfiltration and street trees, while incorporating them all into the unified concept of Green Infrastructure.

In addition, it sites a recent Environmental Protection Agency report stating that “U.S. communities are facing a total of $106 billion in needed stormwater management and combined sewer correction upgrades or improvements.” which makes it less of just a market niche and more of an opportunity for landscape architecture to lead the way in revitalizing our cities by rethinking our infrastructure designs.


It is a useful report that provides much-needed quantitative points to help you persuade the “but grey is how we’ve always done it” attitudes you may encounter.

View the full report.


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