Find it… Fund it!

If you are involved in community planning, Advocacy Advance is a great website worth a few minutes of your time. Their goal is simple…to increase biking and walking as forms of transportation.  Explore their website to find training and event opportunities, grant and funding resources, and information on how to implement the new MAP-21 federal transportation bill (If you don’t know what that is, you can read about it here.)   Their handy ‘Find It, Fund It‘ tool helps you find federal funding for various kinds of projects. With the sheer mass of information out there, it’s nice to be able to search based on project type with direct links to the funding source web site.

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  1. If this is part of Agenda 21, beware. Read up on it and inform yourselves before getting behind
    this Map 21. The Country can’t afford it and shouldn’t be micromanaging cities. And just a
    reminder, federal funding means your tax dollars.

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