Dog Days of Summer

zukoOne of my favorite dog parks is at Tony Grampsas Park  – it has a little creek and bridge, lots of shade and places to sit and watch everybody play. We are always on the lookout for funding options for projects and this small grant is available for a community who might already be thinking about adding or improving a dog park. What’s the coolest dog park you’ve visited?


  1. I like Delaney Park right here in Carbondale, CO. It’s a large open field with a loop trail surrounded by agricultural land which is often occupied by cows and red winged blackbirds. There is plenty of space for dogs to run off leash and a free flowing ditch for them to swim in. A picnic table and a few benches offer places to sit and visit with other dog lovers and take in the views of the valley and Mt Sopris. I especially love visiting in the early morning when the sun is rising and dew drops glisten like diamonds across the fields.

  2. Raleigh has a great dog park (in a historic neighborhood no less) called Oakwood Park. It’s basically a hardwood forest with a mulch floor that spreads over a few acres. A perfect place to stay cool in the hot sticky summer days!

  3. Have you seen the dog park at Marquis at the Parkway apartments? What a great amenity for a dog friendly apartment complex.

  4. One I like going to in Denver is at Barnum Park. It is not fully contained by fences so there is some leeway for your pups and it has nice views of the downtown skyline.

  5. Syd and I go to Delaney Park whenever we get a chance! The best dog park in Carbondale! Between the tall grass, the view of Sopris, and the creek that runs through it, it just can’t be beat. But we also love a stroll around Wash Park. Maybe not a dog park, but it was OUR dog park in Denver.

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