Design Matters – A new season

Looking for a little inspiration?  Debbie Millman (president of AIGA) hosts Design Matters – a captivating podcast, which explores the lives and minds of industry-leading graphic designers, artists, writers and educators.  The upcoming season includes interviews with Jake Barton, Chris Ware, Scott Stowell, Austin McGhie, Aaron Draplin, Rafael Esquer, Christopher Simmons, Louise Fili, Marion Deuchars, Emily Oberman, Mirko Ilic & Aaron Kenedi, Rodrigo Corral and Jason Kottke.  Design Matters returns to its’ regular weekly broadcasts this Friday on October 19th…catch it here.


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  1. Good stuff!! I’ve already added the link to my bookmarks. Aaron Draplin is one of my all time favorites. It’s amazing how much of his work is found in my personal activities outside of the office.

    Great designer and a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with!!!

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