Design Can Change the World

You can’t put Bruce Mau in a box.  He is a visionary who has offered ground-breaking contributions to the arts, architecture, film, museums, communication, conceptual philosophy, and most recently education.  What is Mau’s secret?  How has he found success and made valuable contributions in so many fields?  Attitude and Perception.  His gift is being able to rethink established systems.  He believes that “everything today is ripe for reinvention and smart recombination.”  In Vancouver, in 2004, Mau created a multimedia art installation, called Massive Change, that depicted a blueprint for the future.    The project has since evolved into a book, an education program, a blog, and a radio program.  He asks, ” Now that we can do anything, what will we do?  What if life itself became a design project?”  This sense of wonder and possibility lies at the heart of Bruce’s design philosophy.  He generously shares his insight  with the world via his Incomplete Manifesto. Well worth a look or 100. In fact, print it out and pin it up by your desk.


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