Chick – in – Coop

Usually we don’t bore you with news from DHM, but we got such a kick out of this project that we had to share it with you.  Last week, the Carbondale Crew entered a design competition that benefited our local Animal Shelter, CARE (Colorado Animal Rescue). Several architecture and landscape architecture firms participated in the competition and entries ranged from dog beds and kitty scratch sculptures to sustainable dog houses and some great 2D art.

We designed for the under-represented but highly important chicken lovers in the audience.  You should know that the chicken coop we designed was not just any old chicken coop… it was… (wait for it)….

a chicken-shaped chicken coop!   Brilliant.

The design part was easy and fun (…designing anything in the shape of an animal provides countless opportunities for childish humor), but we came away from the project with a renewed respect for builders and craftspeople.  Despite our missteps and general confusion about hammers and nails, we pulled through and made a pretty respectable showing.  Jury’s Choice Winners! and a standing ovation from the gallery opening attendees! (Okay, they were already standing, but they definitely clapped for us:-)

Listen to the Full Story on Aspen Public Radio

Enjoy some in progress + Finished photos from the project below!

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  1. And though I am not a chicken, the coop was designed to be fully functional. We’ll see how it actually works as the chick-in-coop will find its way to the highest bidder from the silent auction and presumably become a home to young chicks in the coming months.

  2. This is absolutely great you guys – fun project, good cause, community participation, and some “out-of-the-box” PR to boot. I’m sure it will work; hopefully the lucky bidder will keep the office posted!

  3. As a former owner of backyard city chicken’s I have to say this design is great! Much needed Monday morning laugh and inspiration for the Raleigh office to get in the game.

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