CAMPUS PLANNING: University of Pennsylvania

Here is this month’s ‘Campus at a Glance.’ (complements of Mark Hough as the Chair of ASLA’s Campus Planning and Design Professional Practice Network). Take a Tour.

This month we feature the University of Pennsylvania, a historic campus (dating back to Ben Franklin) that epitomizes the benefits and challenges of being located in a very urban area. One of my favorite things about this campus is how it acknowledges and celebrates the pedestrian circulation system as the element that makes the whole place work. Particularly successful in this regard is George Patton’s Locust Walk – one of my all-time favorite campus spaces. Penn should be lauded for how they take the time (and spend the money) to create these wonderful linear spaces that effectively tie together the system of campus open spaces rather than just laying down sidewalks from point A to B.


I highly encourage you to take a look at Penn’s master plan: Penn Connects. It is extremely well done and comprehensive in how it deals with landscape, open space, connectivity and sustainability. Other interesting links you should look at are:



Department of Landscape Architecture
Morris Arboretum



Here are a couple links to Patton and his work:

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