CAMPUS PLANNING: University of Arizona

This month (from the ASLA Professional Practice Network for Campus Planning and Design Chair Mark Hough), we have a Southwestern campus:

The University of Arizona.

“Thanks to Mark Novak, Campus Landscape Architect at UA,  for his help with the images.  This is a great campus to focus on because it presents such a strong visual contrast to what we have looked at before. UA has been a leader in sustainability initiatives due in large part to unique regional issues it faces regarding climate change and natural resource management. The historic images do a great job of portraying the native landscape of the desert Southwest.”


Take a Tour.

The following links give more information on the campus:


Home page with links to tours and photos at the bottom right.


Planning, Design and Construction page


Campus Arboretum page – great section on the Tree Collection


Campus Master Plan Update


  1. I may be biased, but it’s a beautiful campus! The wide range of native and exotic desert plants, brought to the campus thanks to the late Warren Jones, make it a truly unique setting. Definitely worth a visit!

  2. I would highly encourage everyone to go to the Campus Arboreteum page and then the GIS map – they have cataloged every tree and succulent on the campus.

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