Campus Planning: UCLA

UCLA is this month’s ‘Campus at a Glance’, complements of Mark Hough as the Chair of ASLA’s Campus Planning and Design Professional Practice Network.   Take a Tour!

UCLA is a great example of the influence Beaux Arts had on campus design in the early-mid 1900’s. Like with Berkeley,  it shows the issues associated with reconciling a strict formal campus layout on a site with quite a bit of topography. At UCLA, it creates the opportunity for a great sloping open lawn and some pretty monumental steps but makes ADA compliance a tricky thing. There are some great open spaces on this campus- my favorite being the Murphy Sculpture Garden, which features some beautiful art and provides a wonderful oasis in the middle of the campus.  With an adjacent grove of mature coral trees, the Garden should not be missed on your next visit.

Here are some links if you want to delve further into this campus:

Campus Video and Facts

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Photographs of the Campus

Panoramic Views of Campus

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  1. A perfect campus to study how vehicular and pedestrian traffic are separated but convenient… At least this is true of the North Campus where I spent most of my time. Brilliant interweaving of large public spaces and little private niches.

    I miss the purple snow of the Jacaranda Trees in Murphy Sculpture Garden in both the Spring and the Fall, and meeting friends for coffee at LuValle Commons.

    Also, check out the Janss Steps, the Sycamore Walk, the Coral Tree Walk, and the Powell Library with it’s Study Gardens. These are the places that made me want to be a landscape architect.

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