Here is another monthly campus overview from the ASLA Campus Planning and Design Professional Practice Network that I received.  We are going to the left coast this time – To UC Berkeley!  Please note Mark’s comments regarding the University’s Landscape Heritage Plan.

Once again, Mark Hough organized, this time working with Robert Sabbatini and Jim Horner, as noted below.  Enjoy the trip!

“Here is the second of my monthly campus glimpses: UC Berkeley, one of this country’s most beautiful and complex campuses, with a rich and fascinating planning and design history. This is just a cursory look that I hope inspires some of you who have not visited this campus to do so, as it is a truly remarkable landscape. The photos I have included do not do it justice so you need to see it for yourself.”

Take a tour via the attached pdf.

“I also highly recommend that you take the time to check out the university’s Landscape Heritage Plan, possibly the best and most comprehensive campus landscape document I have read.  Kudos to Campus PPN members Robert Sabbatini and Jim Horner, who worked on this great piece of work from the consultant and institution side.  It not only is of great value to the university but is a valuable resource for all of us who do this type of work.

Here is the link to that document:”

Until next month,
Mark Hough, ASLA
Chair, ASLA Campus Planning and Design PPN
Campus Landscape Architect
Duke University

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