Campus Planning: Illinois Institute of Technology

IIT is this month’s ‘Campus at a Glance’, complements of Mark Hough as the Chair of ASLA’s Campus Planning and Design Professional Practice Network.   Take a Tour!

Designed by Mies van der Rohe and containing several amazing buildings of his, the campus is an icon for the modernist era. It also contains some impressive contemporary buildings by Helmut Jahn and Rem Koolhaas, whose student center incorporates a sound-masking tube through which the El passes and is truly something to see.

What is really interesting from our perspective is how the spaces are created within the grid layout of the campus. There is no monumental quadrangle or open space, but rather the campus landscape is  a collection of subtle, well-proportioned spaces. While the architecture is the star, it is not so at the expense of the landscape, which is refreshing to see. If you are in Chicago- make a plan to check it out in conjunction with a trip to the University of Chicago. It is interesting to see these two in relation to one another.


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