As part of the ASLA’s Campus Planning and Design Professional Practice Network, I have received a series of emails concerning campus design from the chair, Mark Hough, who is the Campus Landscape Architect at Duke University.  He has been instrumental in having the CPD PPN members share information and thus trying to get everyone to offer insights into campuses around the country.  While I am always up for a good roadtrip, I find this to be an easy way to explore campuses and their design efforts without ever having to leave my desk.  And therefore, I thought that it would be great to share these with everyone (Mark agrees).

The first campus that Mark chose was Duke’s campus.  Please see the attached pdf and the links.  It gives you a great understanding of this majestic campus located in the piedmont of North Carolina:

“As promised, attached is the first of my hopefully monthly glimpses at
different campuses. To no surprise I am starting with Duke because it is
easy. If you want to learn more about Duke you can look at these web sites: (planning and projects) (Duke Gardens) (Archives) (Duke Forest) (general info)

Contact me if you have any questions about anything you see and come visit
Mark Hough, ASLA
Campus Landscape Architect
Duke University


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